UX Design Internship | Spring 2023


My Role
UX Design Intern, Visual Design
My Team
Experience Design Team, Accenture Song
4 months (Jan 2023 - Apr 2023)
Figma, Mural, Microsoft Office
My first UX internship

I had an amazing opportunity to be a UX design intern at Avanade, a tech consulting firm founded by Accenture and Microsoft.

During my time there, I was on the experience design team and had the opportunity to contribute to two significant projects. The first one involved creating a clickable prototype solution for a leading Canadian railway company as part of their client proposal process. The second project focused on designing an internal DesignOps platform solution for the design team.

My time at Avanade at the Accenture Vancouver office (ft. Software Engineer Interns)!
Project #1:
Elevating the DesignOps Experience

Avanade's current DesignOps framework, Elevate, is crucial to the scalable growth of Avanade's digital experience division, Avanade X, consisting of product designers, software engineers, and business analysts.

Working with a content strategy intern, our project was to help build a platform for Elevate: DesignOps to standardize and manage design processes, to promote design maturity within the agency.

Project #2:
Streamlining outdated transportation

While I was initially only tasked with an internal design project, I wanted to learn more about the world of consulting and working with a real client. I took a chance and asked around if I could hop onto a client project.

Luckily, I was tasked to a major Canadian railway company (Client under NDA), where I worked on digitizing the railway management system.