Mobile Design | Product Design Sprint 2023


My Role
UX Designer
Our Team
3 Designers, 1 Content Strategist
48 Hours
Figma, Figjam, Canva, ChatGPT
It is difficult for immigrants in Canada to find suitable work.
We all know how scary it is to immigrate to a new country. For the designathon, we were prompted to design a product to help new immigrants to Canada find footing in their professional career. My team and I came up with Grapevine, a mobile hub that helps connect new female and gender minority immigrants with mentorship and professional career resources.
The Problem
Canada’s networks for helping newcomers find work are underwhelming
Many new Canadians often feel lost and ignored in the labour market, with gender minorities facing even more difficulty.
Target Demographic
Newcomers to Canada, with a focus on gender minorities
Studies show that female and gender minority immigrants often face more hurdles in the job market, with many women assumed to prioritize children and family over their career. We also want to provide seasoned Canadian professionals the opportunity to become a mentor.
Our Goals
Help newcomers and connect and network with professionals in their field
Provide an accessible job board, career, and cultural resources for newcomers

The Solution

Meet Grapevine.

An all-in-one mobile hub to link newcomers, with a focus on gender minorities, to Canada with professional career mentorship, form connections, and access to a specialized job board and exclusive resources.

The Solution

Network with professionals in your field

Find mentors in your field and send them a message request to connect and chat about professional advice.

The Solution

Specialized job board with access to mentors

A specialized job board with filters for citizenship requirements and much more to help immigrants build their career in Canada. Additionally, mentees can find mentors at their dream companies and reach out.

The Solution

Opportunity for seasoned professionals to become a mentor

We provide professionals with experience in Canada an opportunity for mentorship and provide services for mentees to succeed in their careers.

The Solution

Easy and inclusive onboarding process

We want to make using Grapevine as easy and inclusive as possible, so we have designed our onboarding process to be as seamless and inclusive of all identities as possible.

The Process

Case study and process coming soon!

Please hang tight! Currently compiling all of our research, ideation, and testing, and building the case study! In the mean time, please view my slide deck for case study details! (trust me, it's worth it)